About Chicago Primary Care Sports Medicine

What is the mission of the practice?

The mission of Chicago Primary Care Sports Medicine is to partner with our patients and energize the body and the mind so we maximize the Human Potential.

Our Covenant

Chicago Primary Care Sports Medicine
will enter the world of health care,
more complex than ever, and will do what it takes to provide
the finest health care for the discerning patient.

We will seek out and retain patients who wish to be involved
in their care, and who will put forth the highest effort to
improve their quality of life.

We will customize treatment to fit the individual,
taking into account emotional and spiritual needs.

We will help to maximize the potential of each individual’s
body and mind, by educating our patients about
the benefits of sport, physical activity, and fitness.

We will live what we preach.

We will be guided by the Hippocratic Oath, to First Do No Harm.

We will maintain the highest standard of customer service.

We will only seek out and retain staff
who live life by this model.

The Basics of The Practice

Dr. Natarajan treats patients of all sizes, ages and aspirations, as well as workman’s compensation cases. Whether you are a college or high school athlete, training for a marathon, starting a fitness program, a grandparent who just wants to keep up with your grandchildren, or having problems with daily activities including work, Dr. Natarajan can help you achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Dr. Natarajan and the staff are dedicated to creating a comfortable, accessible office where patients are encouraged to ask questions and participate actively in their care. To create an atmosphere of efficient and quality care, we are accessible through phone, fax and e-mail.