A Progression of Balance Training

How can I improve my balance? Balancing upright is a very import aspect of our lives, it is something that we learn from a very young age and sets us […]

Desk Job Inflexibility and Fixes

What can I do to reduce my risk of pain and injury while at work? Most jobs come with occupational hazards, any condition of a job that puts you at […]

Power Plate

What are the benefits of the “Power Plate”? The “Power Plate” has been getting a lot of attention the past few years and now can be seen in health clubs, […]

Hyperextended Knee Injury

What is a hyperextended knee injury and how is it treated? A hyperextended knee injury happens when excessive pressure or force pushes your knee past its normal extension range of […]

Achilles Tendinopathy

I recently ramped up in mileage, now my Achilles hurts, why? Countless runners, triathletes, and weekend warriors experience this pain each year, and it usually starts with the goal of […]

Video Gait Analysis

Over the past few years, the applications of video gait analysis (VGA) have greatly increased, causing more and more physicians, podiatrists and physical therapists to recommend VGA for their patients […]

The Female Athlete Triad

What is the Female Athlete Triad? The Female Athlete Triad is a serious health problem that is comprised of three interrelated medical conditions: disordered eating, decreased bone mineral density, and […]