Spinal Imaging and Low Back Pain

At what point should I get imaging of my lower back done? Low back pain is one of the leading reasons for medical visits in the United States. With the […]

Pinched Nerve in Neck

I have neck pain that sometimes spreads to my arm. What causes this and how is it treated? Neck and neck-related arm pain are common symptoms that affect people of […]

Pain and Rock Climbing

How can I minimize pain and prevent injuries while rock climbing? Rock climbing is an increasingly popular sport in the United States and abroad. This sport is unique in that […]

TMJ Dysfunction

My jaw clicks when I eat and yawn, and it hurts and is embarrassing. What is this and what can I do for it? There are multiple reasons you can […]

Core Stability

The Importance of Core Stability Not only is core stability and strength necessary for pain relief, but it’s also essential for injury prevention. The body’s core muscles are composed of: […]

Tibial Stress Fracture

What is a tibial stress fracture? A stress fracture occurs when a bone breaks after being subjected to repetitive stresses, none of which would be large enough individually to cause […]

Stress Urinary Incontinence in Female Athletes

What is Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)? It is a topic that is not commonly discussed outside of a gynecologist’s or urologist’s office. SUI is defined as “…the complaint of involuntary […]

The Impact of Foot Landing While Running

What is a Foot Strike? Strike refers to where your feet first make contact with the ground when you are running. There are three parts of the foot where we […]


How do I prepare for the upcoming baseball season? Spring training is right around the corner for the Major League Baseball teams. This also means that it is time for […]