Online Form Submission Tutorial

Please go over the following steps before attempting to complete your registration forms or they may not be successfully submitted. If you are unable to perform these steps, please refer back to the Initial Registration Forms, print them out, and bring them with you to your appointment.

  1. Make sure that you have the latest Adobe Reader. This is a crucial step. Please click: and click “Download” to get the newest version. Please follow instructions provided by the Adobe website to complete installation.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Now that your Adobe Reader is updated, proceed to the Registration Forms. Please click: Initial Registration Forms.
  3. Click “Download”. When your download completes, a “Downloads” window should pop up. (If not, navigate to your default Downloads folder.) Downloading the form is the failsafe method. If you prefer to click “Open,” please refer to Step 5.
  4. Open the PDF document with your updated Adobe Reader program. Right click the “Initial Registration Forms” PDF file, scroll over to “Open With”, scroll over to “Adobe Reader” and click it.
  5. Skip this step unless you have chosen to click “Open” document during Step 3. Since you are choosing to “Open” this document, it is important to know that some web browsers do not open documents directly with Adobe Reader depending on your operating system (i.e. Mac, Windows).
    1. Windows users should be able to open this document directly with Adobe Reader in Mozilla Firefox. It will also work in Internet Explorer as long as your Adobe Flash is up to date. Google Chrome will usually say “Parts of this PDF document could not be displayed. Open in Adobe Reader?” at the top of the screen; click “Yes.”
    2. Mac users should be able to open this document directly with Adobe Reader in Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Google Chrome does not have a plug-in for viewing PDF documents directly with Adobe Reader; use one of the two previously mentioned browsers or follow the Download option of Step 3.
  6. Your Registration Forms should look like the first image below. Please pay special attention to the Purple Top Bar and Purple Submit Button. If your document does not look like this (see second image below) your form will not be submitted. Here is an example of how your document should not look:
    incorrect correct
  7. Please fill out all form fields (make sure to press the “Highlight Existing Fields” Button) to the best of your ability. When you reach the anatomical images, click the field covering the symptomatic area(s) of your body and please type the letter(s) that correspond(s) to your symptom(s).
  8. Once you are done filling out all the fields, please click the “Submit Form” button. You will be prompted for your email address and full name. Please fill these fields out as well, so that we can identify you with your form submission. If this pop-up does not show, your form will not be submitted and you will need to print out a copy to bring with you to your appointment.complete